Monday, June 4, 2012

Father's Day Napkins (Neck Ties!)

A Simple and Clever Table Decoration for Father’s Day!

Dads have come to expect a necktie as a typical Father’s day gift.  If you are hosting a Father’s Day party then stick with this theme and follow this clever decorating idea by folding a bunch of napkins into neckties that can hold utensils. Then surprise him a gift he wants but doesn’t expect.

Below are easy step by step instructions to turn an ordinary napkin into a tie. Remember that the larger the napkin the longer the tie.  You can also use paper napkins.  Navy blue cocktail paper napkins were used in the featured photo.  For a whimsical and authentic touch use a stripe pattern.

1.Lay the napkin face-down, then turn it so that one of the corners points to you.
2.Starting at the upper tip, fold the left side about 1/3 of the way diagonally to the right. Don’t press the fold down yet.
3.Repeat the last step with the right side and then adjust them both if needed so that both sides are symmetrical. Now press down the folds.

4.Fold the left side in about 1/3 of the way starting from the upper tip, similar to what we did in the last two steps. Don’t press it down yet.
5.Repeat the last fold along the right side and adjust for symmetry. When you are happy with the shape of your tie, press the folds down.

6.Fold the upper 1/3 of the tie diagonally to the right so the tip of the tie is perpendicular to the lower part.
7.Turn the tie over so the tip is now pointing left.

8.Wrap the tip around the top of the tie.
9.Tuck it in underneath to create the knot. There you are, your very own clever necktie napkin! If you like, slip utensils through the knot as shown above.

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