Friday, June 29, 2012

July 4th Festive Mason Jar Cups

These cups are a great idea for any party...
You don't have to use 4th of July paper...any paper would make any party festive!

This tutorial is from
what a GREAT Party idea!
Here is what you need to make these:
8 oz Ball mason jars 
 scrapbook paper 
craft knife
pencil and scissors

Trace your lid onto the wrong side of scrapbook paper...
...and cut your circles out.

Place the circle inside the screw-on lid with the printed side facing down.

With your craft knife, make a tiny  "X" in the center or side of your cup.  

Pop in some festive straws and you have some pretty, patriotic party cups! 

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Laura said...

What a fun and super simple idea. And depending on party size, everyone can have their own paper and easily tell their cups apart. Or names can be added. Love it.