Sunday, July 8, 2012

Katy Perry Movie Party Ideas

I haven't seen the movie, yet...
My daughter can't wait!!!
My friend contacted me and wants to put together a party for her daughter and take a few friends to the movie. She wants to then go back home and have a little party for her daughter and friends.
Here is some inspiration, via PINTERST for an awesome
Katy Perry Party!

candy buffet a must!!!!
cupcake and fireworks!
(a MUST!)
love this! how fun!
cupcake headbands???
too cute!
Love this!

easier centerpiece or on the buffet table
pretend fireworks in sand
home made firework cake (I would use Pink and Purple!)
popcorn...always goes with Movies

love this!
Popcorn buffet!

Kitty Pury!

a cute bag for a centerpiece or goody bag!
a Katy Perry Doll
I heart her!

Happy Planning

p.s. please let me know how the Movie is!

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