Saturday, July 28, 2012

Olympic Opening Ceremony Party and Olympic T-Shirt Tutorial

Let the Games Begin 2012!!!!
4 Years ago one of my first blogs was the Summer 2008 Games!!!
Blogs, parties, foods, activities have gotten a lot fancier in the last 4 years.
Tonight was an easy night my daughter had a sleepover and we watched the games and made Olympic T-shirts. the T-shrt tutorial is later in this post.
I had to make these Olympic Canning Jars
Easy cupcake design, M&M's for the Rings (Brown M&M is the black One!)
The cupcake toppers were from a previous post
These were part of the Olympic printables
I made a Torch from paper and tissue paper
A last minute find...this was really fun, we played Opening Ceremony BINGO!
I found the Bingo Cards HERE

Olympic T-shirt Time!

Plain White T-s (not the Band...)
Plastic Cups
Puff Paints
Step 1: Cut neck, sleeves and bottom (warning the t-shirt looks huge but it gets smaller with the tie)
Step 2: from the bottom cut away the bottom band so you are left with just the fabric.
Now stretch the fabric, keep stretching until you have t-shirt spaghetti!
Step 3: this gets a little trickier and you have to work with it to make it uniquely your own...
turn to the back of t-shirt and make a narrower racerback, and cut a deep v in the back.
(this is where you will use the spaghetti to tie it together)
Also you will probably had to tweak the front neckline and make a little lower to match the back...
get creative...
Step 4: cut your spaghetti so you have one long piece and start from the bottom of the V, and tie a knot 
Now wrap away!!!!

Now time to decorate.
Sticking with the theme of the evening: OLYMPIC FLAG T-shirt
Using the bottom of a cup
OLYMPIC Circles!!!!

Our New Olympic Training Shirts!


Laura said...

those t-shirts are brilliant!

Janette said...

Oh my gosh! You're an amazing momma! Just been scrolling through your blog and I love your attention to detail.. And the fact that you like to make things special for your family.. That's so sweet and inspiring!