Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ava's Katy Perry Party

Do you remember the post with Katy Perry Party ideas?
My Friend Barbarann, sent me the photos of her beautiful daughter Ava's Perfectly Planned Katy Perry Party!
I have to share...
Ava and Her Katy Perry Dessert Table!
"Fireworks" Decorations!!!!
They Made Popcorn cupcakes from the "Hello Cupcake Book (Cupcake Bible!")
She had plastic popcorn containers from Target Dollar Spot. Each one held 3 cupcakes with real popcorn on the bottom...super cute!
Ava found a picture of Katy in one of her mag's and Barbaraan placed it in a frame--She also make a "microphone" cupcake--with a donut hole and ice cream cone--awesome touch!!! She dipped pretzels in white chocolate with sprinkles, and she found the lollipop box empty at the $ store and they gave it to her--Barbarann bought store bought sugar cookies and just stuck sticks in them to make "easy Lollipops!"
Ava's cake was Flower cupcakes made with marshmallows cup into 1/4's, then dip in colored sprinkles...beautiful (and special because they make the cupcakes together!)
Game time...there was a scavenger hunt then...
they played a FUN game!!! You need shower caps, shaving cream , cheese balls and a timer team member covers the  shower cap with shaving cream

then the other team members arm them selves with cheese balls! Time the teams  for 1 minute , which ever team has the most cheeseballs stuck in the shaving creme is the winner!!!
This FUN game was very messy, next time she  would do this in the grass and put their hair in ponytails, but it was the highlight of the party!!!! they ended up with shaving cream all over themselves and loved every minute!!!

Katy Perry Gift bags...
Candy Bar and more treats...
Happy Birthday Ava!!!
(p.s. GREAT party Barbarann!)

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