Friday, August 3, 2012

Classroom Theme Ideas are like Planing a Party!

 This week I plan to share some great ideas for teachers.
Planning a party is the same as planning your classroom.
This is what makes a party or classroom GREAT!

Schoolgirl Style is a great blog with links to buy her classroom printables.
(Please note these could be used for parties as well...)
She also lists where to buy the other cute props she uses.
 Animal prints paired with soothing blues and greens creates a calming and exotic environment for your students.
She used a map on this bulletin board.  Using maps of every shape and size is such a clever way to cover your boards.  Her boards are small, so the map covers it perfectly.  She says, she would actually prefer to overlap several maps.  It gives it a more eclectic look for this theme.  Don’t be afraid to overlap and create a quilt like effect to your boards.
This classroom is good for any age or grade....

Globes from Oriental Trading, once again good for Parties, too!!!!

I  LOVE the lanyards for a welcome name tag!!!
For more info and where to buy the tags and other props go to Schoolgirl Style!

Please note: Teachers, this helps make learning fun!
A clever environment will make any subject more interesting!!!!


Jen Lara said...

What amazing ideas! And so fun!

Thanks for sharing,

Jen Lara said...

What neat ideas and so creative!