Friday, October 7, 2011

DIY Apothecary Jars and Spell Books

Design DNA has the cutest tutorial for DIY Apothecary Jars and DIY Spell books all made from Dollar Store stuff and a thrift stores.
These are a great Spooky Find...

Candy jar and candle stick holder form the Dollar Store
Each specimen jar consists of:
A candle stick (Dollar store and Savers)
Jar with lid (Dollar store and Savers)
Wooden finial (Hobby Lobby) - Chess pieces would work!
Wooden base (Hobby Lobby - she only used a base for 3 of the jars)
She primed everything with the exception of the clear jars - then sprayed them with a combination of black matte and black stone spray paint 
With a heavy duty glue (she used E6000) adhere all of your pieces together.

"The base bone's connected to the candle stick, the candle stick's connected to the clear jar, the clear jar's connected to the lid, the lid's connected to the finial....."

The labels are from the Martha Stewart Collection at Michael's
and The body parts are from the Dollar Store

Now for the spell books

you need old used books and black spray paint
She painted the books with 2 layers of black acrylic paint. 
She found these foil embossed stickers at the Dollar Store (painted them black). They were exactly what the books needed!

Scrapbook sticker letters were used to spell out the book titles.
Googly crafty eyes fit perfectly in the center of the dollar store stickers!

I can't wait to make these jars!

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