Monday, October 3, 2011

Star Wars Party Ideas

This post is for a friend who is having a Star Wars Party for her son.
Here are some ideas for your party:

these cute snacks are from
She has the cute labels available to print here

even more food and snack ideas from 

( I love the Hans Solo Rolos!!!)

these ideas and free printables are found at
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finally, time for game ideas...these cute ideas are from
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Light Saber Training
*  Make a light saber for each child, swimming noodle
*  Inflate several balloons
*  Keep balloon off the ground
*  Play Star Wars music in background

Clone Wars:
*  Relay Races.
*  Two teams: Droids & Clones.
*  Hide cards that say Clone & Droid, have them find them

Pin the Saber on Yoda

Star Wars BINGO 

Save Princess Leia:
*  Put a figurine of Princes Leia in a balloon. And blow it up.
*  Blow up several balloons and put them in a garbage bag.
*  Dump out the bag and start an egg timer to see if they can rescue her by popping all the balloons to find Leia before time runs out.

Gungan” Water Balloon Fight

Defeat the Death Star
*  Draw three death stars in chalk on driveway.
*  Draw for three teams
*  Stand at boundary line a few feet away and try to erase the other teams deathstars by throwing water balloons.

Release Han Solo
*  Freeze two Han solo figurines in a rectangular container filled with water.
*  In the movie “The Empire Strikes Back” Han was frozen in carbonate and we are going to release him from his icy prison.
*  Divide into two teams and form a bucket brigade line by dunking small buckets (one to each team( into large water-filled buckets.  Pass down the line and pour over frozen Hand.
*  The first team to release Han won.

Present each child with a 
Certificates of Jedi Completion:
The Jedi Council of the Turk Galaxy Presents (child’s name) the title of Jedi Master in recognition of your excellence and bravery in fighting the dark side and defending the Universe. (red ribbon around each)

Happy Birthday Liam!


Jen said...

Fabulous ideas. Do you have any templates for your VADORADE or POP CAN label? Love them!

Cheryl said...

Jen, here is the link for the printables for the Star Wars Labels :