Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Halloween Spirit Jugs

Start saving your milk jugs...
I am posting this early so you have time to save milk jugs.

This cute ghostly idea is from  Eighteen25.blogspot.com, but the original tutorial is from Family Fun's website.

what you'll need:
clean gallon milk jugs
black permanent marker
craft knife
string of clear low-wattage christmas lights

step one: draw some spooky faces on your milk jugs.

step two: let your kids color in the faces

step three: using the craft knife (mom), cut a hole in the lower backside of the jug. about the size of a half dollar (or maybe a little bigger since i couldn't picture a half dollar).

step four: line all of your ghosts up and stuff several lights in each one.

step five: place your group of glowing spirit jugs along your walkway or front porch to welcome those cute little holiday guests. 

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Laura said...

adorable! I love this one.