Friday, January 6, 2012

Cute Ways to Organize

Spaghetti jar used for cupcake wrappers-genius!
 I am on my way to Target right now,
 spaghetti jar aisle here I come!!!!
organize ribbon!!!
plastic bin I come!!!

source: Pinterest

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BA said...

on another blog they posted about a clear glass "flour canister" at target ~$7 that is the PERFECT size for headbands (there are 2 sizes one ~$5 and one ~$7 the bigger one is the one to go with!!)--and looks cute with all the headband colors in it in a bathroom/bedroom!!! while at target you might want to pick one of those up to--we got one and it is PERFECT--next time in target will be getting one of these spaghetti jars for sure!!!!