Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sweetheart Candy Wreath

Cousin Jen and Cousin Lil O made this beautiful Candy Heart Wreath!
Cousin Jen has a blog "Upcycled Education", I shared  a link with her a couple of days ago for Classroom Valentine Treats (sending more ideas to her soon!) Now it is her turn to share a craft with us!
It is super duper easy to make.  Start with a round wreath form,  Then  wrap the wreath in strips of pink tissue paper.   Hot glue  rows of Sweethearts on all sides and finish it off with a pink ribbon.
I found that it was easiest to make one row of hearts all the way around the wreath, and then move on to the second and third rows (rather than gluing three across, then three below that row, and repeating the process all the way around the wreath).


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