Sunday, January 8, 2012

Organizing School Lunches

Trying to get ORGANIZED is an ongoing process at our house!
I figure January is a good moth for cleaning out, I came upon this great blog, I Heart Organizing,and I love this idea for making school lunches faster and easier:
A school lunch packing station!
 Create a lunch making station in the fridge!
 Make a place where you could just easily grab foods and snacks in a place that has all the things you use each time you make up lunches.
So I just took a cheapo plastic basket that we already had, added a quick laminated label, and filled it with all sorts of lunch making goodies!

I am hoping that having all of their items in one easy to find place, it will make lunch making an easy breezy process!
When it comes to actually packing their lunches, this year I want to purchase these from Amazon:

Happy Organizing!

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