Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Valentine S'mores

These Valentine S'mores are from Two Shades of Pink...
She used little bags to  throw heart marshmallows in, then a smores idea sounded so cute so she added graham crackers and valentine Hershey kisses. 
How about this...
"Every Day I Like You Smore!" 

These are from my friend at Bloom Design
Go to her blog and she has instructions on how to get the cute labels for free!

Supplies: cellophane bag, Hersey Kisses, Kraft HeartMallows, graham crackers
Assemble all the fixin's for a strawberry s'more treat



Laura said...

love this! I for sure sent to my Valentine birthday sister. I'm loving all of your Valentine's day posts, actually.

Jenny Raulli-Bloom Designs said...

Thank you Cheryl. I get so many fun ideas from your blog. Thanks for sharing one of mine!